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Who is Pierre?

Architect, painter, poet and author of several books, Pierre Wittmann lives in Thailand and explores the implications of art, healing and spirituality.


Who am I?

The most important part of life are relationships, the links that unite us to each other. Why are we attracted to some people and not by others? What resonances, vibrations, wavelengths affect us? We are all different, with our special qualities, our character traits, our history. When we meet someone physically, we feel it. But today, a large part of our relationships are virtual. So how do we feel from a distance the people who are part of our fractal or our soul family, those with whom we will resonate, and get along?

When I read a book, watch a video or visit a website, the first thing I look for is who is the person I am in contact with, where he lives, what she does in life, what is his story? So I connect with him or her, not just with words, images, ideas, services, products. This is what interests me, this relationship that is being created with another human being.

I am passionate about biographies, these are my favourite readings, and autobiography: I have been writing a Journal for almost 40 years. And the essence of this Journal, I call it Looking at life: these are glimpses at my life, but above all at life. These glimpses, I like to share them, that's what I do on my blog and in my books, and also in my websites and my videos. This is one of my ways of contributing by bringing beauty, light, and wisdom to this planet.

If you've followed me so far, it's because you're like me, you like to know who the people you meet are, maybe you even want to know their story... So keep going, that's the goal of this website: to share who I am, my life, my activities, my needs, my ideas, my talents, what some call the X factor, the hidden qualities that make me a special person.

In the enneagram, I am type 7, the epicurean, who is dynamic, optimistic, curious, interested in everything, youthful, futuristic and carefree. An eternal idealist, tolerant and open-minded, who always remains focused on the positive.

My human needs are uncertainty, growth and contribution. I like to live in variety and diversity, thus uncertainty; and to grow as an eternal student. My contribution is to share my gifts, my ideas and my creativity.

Painter or poet?

Painter or poet
Hermit or entertainer
Sage or buffoon
Provocateur or prophet
Pierre observes the world…

By the silence of words
And the sound of colours
He questions daily life
Reveals the essential
Suggests the elusive...


I have been writing a Journal since 1984 and feel a deep need to share my personal experiences, my reflections on artistic creation and the fruits of my spiritual quest. Since 2016, I have posted every week an article on my blog, Lumière de sagesse (Wisdomlight).



Since 2002, I have written and self-published a collection of short essays, A Guide to Happiness for the Third Millennium, two autobiographical books, Le parfum de l'éveil and Le jardin de la libération, an illustrated book on my paintings, Peinture Peintures, a collection of poems, Le silence des couleurs, a novel, Marlène ou le jeu de la vie, and two collections of glimpses on my life, Regarder la vie 1 and 2. Only A Guide to Happiness has been translated into English.



My painting has always been cheerful and colourful. It is divided into two distinct periods: a figurative period, inspired by the outside world, which I discovered in my many travels; and an abstract period, inspired by the inner world, which I discovered in my quest for spirituality, light and plenitude.


Co-creating change

I was recently wondering how to contribute to the co-creation of a new reality. I then started the project Co-créer le changement (Co-creating change), the objectives of which are to get information in order to understand, to establish links and contacts, and to share ideas and actions.


New reality

On the Nouvelle réalité (New reality) website, I share my vision of reality, as it is today, and as it could be, or will be tomorrow. Because we create  the new reality at every moment: it is our perception of the world.


Looking at life

Regarder la vie (Looking at life) is the name I give to a series of texts taken from my autobiographical writings: excerpts from my Journal or reflections on art and spirituality. They are published on my blog, my newsletter and a new series of websites.



I would not be what I am today without the many encounters that have changed my life, and all the courses, seminars, retreats, studies, initiations, training, pilgrimages... in which I have participated.


English information

For the moment, my newsletter, my blog, my YouTube channel, most of my books and most of my websites are in French. Nevertheless you will find a lot of material and information in English on this website and on my original website, Wisdomlight.org.

My websites on Human Design, Gene Keys, Reiki, PMT and Chromotherapy are also available in English. 

Detailed Biography

Human Design
Gene Keys Experience


You will find the links to the French information, material and websites on the French version of this website. You will also find there more information about Co-creating change, New reality and Looking at life.


Sharings and explorations

To satisfy my deep need to share my thoughts, my experiences and my vision on life, I suggest you also explore my newsletter, my blog, my books and my YouTube channel.

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The illustrations on this website are paintings by Pierre Wittmann.

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