Sharings & Creations


Sharings: Sessions et Healing

Human Design: Understanding how we function in life and discovering our hidden gifts. 
Reiki: Learning a simple healing technique to help yourself, others and the Planet.
PMT: Transmuting residual memories from the past and accelerating our evolution. 
I Ching: Consulting the Book of Change, the oracle used in China for more than 3000 years. 
Chromotherapy: Bathing in light and colours to regenerate and harmonise body and soul. 


Creations: Painting & Writing

Painting, Paintings: the Painter and his Artworks.
Art Shows: more than 500 Paintings exhibited on line.
Poèmes de sagesse: a Poetry Website (in French).
Books by Pierre Wittmann: Titles and Orders.
Lumière de sagesse : Pierre Wittmann's Blog (in French)
Wisdomlight: Pierre Wittmann's polyvalent Website.

Pierre Wittmann shares his time between Asia and Europe, he stays regularly in Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand, and in Provence, in the South of France.

The pictures on this website are Paintings by Pierre Wittmann.

Created by Pierre Wittmann